Miley Cyrus Wore Ice Cream Cone Pasties to Alexander Wang's NYFW Party

Life's all no shirt, no problems when you're Miley Cyrus. Last night, the pop star-cum-provocateur arrived at Alexander Wang's super secret New York Fashion Week after-party in Bushwick naked from the waist up, save for a set of tasseled ice cream cone pasties and a pair of plastic pill covered cat-eye sunglasses (see… » 9/07/14 9:50pm 9/07/14 9:50pm

9/11 Museum Is Now Showing the Shirt Worn by a SEAL in Bin Laden Raid

Days ahead of the 13th anniversary of the attacks, the National Sept. 11 Memorial Museum has unveiled two additions to their collection: the dusty, tan shirt worn by a member of SEAL Team Six during the raid that took out Osama bin Laden and a commemorative coin given to "Maya," the CIA operative who served as the… » 9/07/14 6:11pm 9/07/14 6:11pm

I Know You Are but What Am I? Hannity Snaps Back at Twitter Trolls

What did Sean Hannity whisper in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ear during their post-interview slow dance? He's still not telling—and he doesn't much like your guessing, either. This morning the Fox News personality took some time to respond personally to a few of the many Twitter users who took… » 8/09/14 2:53pm 8/09/14 2:53pm

Amazon Books Team Invokes Orwell Incorrectly in War Against Authors

Earlier this week, author Douglas Preston—from his quaint-but-internet-connected summer shack on the coast of Maine—posted a letter imploring his readers to write Amazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos and demand that he stop taking books as hostages in its on-going negotiations with Hachette Book Group. Some 900 other… » 8/09/14 1:12pm 8/09/14 1:12pm